The Future of Farming

The global implications of WW2 (1945) farming have been tremendous. The need to feed an ever doubling population has put our earth under a massive strain. We have sucked every bit of life out of this beautiful planet to the point where we have to use artificial fertilizers in our quest.
More food needed. More spray needed, more chemicals needed to make this happen. Chemicals made from fossil fuels. Can we continue to farm this way? Something must change.

Well, it is not all doom and gloom. Small changes I must admit. Small pockets of the population do care, and are making changes to the way food is produced.  We do have a future.

Sustainable farming is here and it is gaining momentum.

Vertical Farms:
Leafy greens, grown in controlled environments. A fantastic way to provide vegetables for inner cities, utilizing space to the maximum. Warehouses old and new are used to produce very environmentally friendly crops. Water is controlled so minimum waste, and no fertilizers or manure running off into our rivers and streams. LED lighting, extremely efficient. Supplying local businesses, keeping transportation to a minimal.
What you are eating is extremely fresh.
Is this the future?

If every roof top in Manhattan produced vegetables, it would only feed 2% of Manhattans population.

Let us move on to roof top farming. Nice idea, and every little helps, however unfortunately we cannot feed the world this way.

What about forest farming? Forest farming is the cultivation of high-value specialty crops under a forest canopy that is intentionally modified or maintained to provide shade levels and habitat that favor growth and enhance production levels.

Forest farming is a lovely way of life. Animals, plants, water, earth in harmony. What a lovely way of life.

“We have a growing population and a finite amount of land. We’ve got to find other spaces to grow in” – Steven Dring, founder, Growing Underground.

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