2018’s Profitable Nest Egg Investments

Currently, rumors are circulating of an impending bubble burst that’s equal to or higher than 2008. However, statistics show the opposite. As reported, the world economy has outperformed the majority of the predictions made by economists; and the reality is that the global economy, for the first time since 2010, has grown. Plus, S&P 500 companies are reporting an average of 20% earnings due to a combination of cheap money and energy. So, calm down. The future does look rosy when it comes to money matters—which leads to the next question where to invest best in 2018?

Cyber Security

Since most transactions are now done online, it places a lot of burden on keeping your password and your financials, as a whole, safe. With the various safety breaches that happened in 2017 like the Uber breach, Verizon breach, and the Equifax breach to name a few, people are more cautious of their online activities. Add hackers to the dilemma as they adapt and figure out new ways to break down systems. All this combined makes the sector a significant investment because it is forever seeking to upgrade cybersecurity to be relevant.

Applied Genetics

What does this even mean? Think in the lines of genetic manipulation like developing mosquitoes unable to carry illness like malaria, dengue fever, and zika virus to name a few. Think of being able to eliminate cancer and on the extreme end of the spectrum, think of customizing your baby with orange eyes, black hair, healthy, and without any hereditary cancer. This field is in its infancy stage, and those who have the gumption to invest early will reap substantial rewards in the future.

Green and Sustainable Investments

As millennials drive the market boom, the things that most interest them are becoming home run investments. Agriculture is a hot commodity in 2018 with truffle farming being one of the best investments. Over 15 year periods, truffle farmers are delivering back 15% returns on these green investments.


2018 is the tenth year of the bull market which means that the market share prices are rising, which encourage buying. It is the millennials that are the driving force behind the financial market—many baby boomers have left the market after being bitten by the 2008 economic crisis and the dot-com bubble. So, if it’s the millennials that drive the market, then what appeals to millennials also takes a front seat like simplified online trading, robo-advisors, and even new sectors such as cryptocurrency.

The path is being railroaded by the new generation toward decentralized networks, connected devices, cloud platforms, and artificial intelligence. These efficient technologies create niches for nimbler and smaller companies. And what’s more, artificial intelligence can work without rest with nearly perfect accuracy, all the time compared to the last century’s reliance on the human labor force.

Under the Trump Administration, the continued more significant incentives for US companies bodes well for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). And a real sign of the bull market is the emergence of people who have never invested in the stock market but are now regular traders. If all these continue in 2018, then for many it will be a life-changing investment.

Inspired by https://www.equedia.com/top-sectors-to-invest-in-2018/?ref=quuu&utm_source=quuu

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