Grow your own Black Diamonds

Anyone who has ever tasted a truffle will either love it or hate it.
This pungent fungus known for its strong smell, flavour and aphrodisiac qualities is fast becoming the latest food craze. There is simply not enough supply for the demand. From Truffle flavoured crisps to the “real macoy” thinly shaved over your risotto, Lovely!

But quality doesn’t come cheap and the prices have been steadily rising recent years.
Well if you have a back garden big enough. Grow your own.

  • Find a plot of land in a temperate climate that’s not too warm but also not susceptible to bitter cold. Look for pasture property without trees; land with existing trees might have foreign contaminants that will damage the trees you’re planting.
  • Your land must be limey. A ph of about 7.9—the optimal soil conditions for growing the winter black truffle known as Tuber Melanosporum in Europe.
  • A Host. Out here in Spain we use Holm Oak Trees. This is indigenous to the Mediterranean and works best here, however, Hazelnut is also a very good host. The Hazelnut works very well in the USA for example.
  • The Host needs to be inoculated with truffle spores.
  • Plant the hazelnut or oak tree saplings in the soil, space between each tree. Hazelnut trees will grow faster and presumably, produce truffles sooner; they’ll also die sooner. Modern methods will get an Oak plantation to start producing after 4 years, and serious commercial production around year 8 mature, Oaks will produce Truffles for much longer.
  • As with all living things, they need regular watering. And pruning. Keeping the trees not taller than a couple of metres.
  • Find a truffle dog. Start foraging. Good luck.


If you are interested in sustainable alternative investments that can help the environment (and local community) and you want to see real returns on your money, Tuber Melanosporum, Black Truffle farming investments deliver on both counts.

Average 15% Returns

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