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What is an “Alternative Investment”?

An alternative investment is an investment in a non-traditional asset that presents economic value and is not normally reflected in traditional investment methods (i.e. stocks, mutual funds, bonds).  Many people make alternative investments in assets like fine wines, watches, stamps, art or antiques. The idea of an alternative investment is nothing new, and its benefits are tried and true.

How can we trust alternative investments?

Some find it difficult to determine the value of alternative assets and are deterred by high investment fees. However, despite being outside of normative investment sectors, most alternative investment organizations want to ensure transparency and accessibility. Alternative investments also have the added benefit of having low transaction costs.
The Black Truffle Company has a money back guarantee and wants to ensure full transparency of the entire investment process for all investors. When investing in The Black Truffle company, we encourage you to visit us and our truffle plots of land.

Learn how to earn lucrative returns on a sustainable, eco-friendly investment
with a money back guarantee.

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Why should I care about alternative investments?

Alternative investments come in many shapes and sizes. There is bound to be an investment opportunity that aligns with your values and investment interests. One such popular alternative investment is in the eco-friendly and sustainability sector of the global economy.
For food lovers, dramatic changes in the environment directly impact their dining and cooking experience. Investors can help ensure that food is both sustainable and accessible while also lowering our carbon imprint through related alternative investments.

How are Black Truffles related to Eco-Investments?

Food-forward thinking is highly intertwined with eco-investments. Visibility towards our global food consumption and production is at an all-time high. Forbes reported in 2016 that Millennials are ten percent more interested in new food adventures compared to those who are Generation X-ers and Boomers. Millennials are also 60% passionate about cooking and enjoy being experimental with flavors.

Global cuisine is an obsessive interest in this particular generation. And because of this trend, Truffles have a prominent, food-forward space to exist in. Truffle investments combine both the appeal of alternative investments and eco-friendly investments. The appeal for investing in The Black Truffle Company lies in ensuring food can be both accessible, profitable and sustainable.

While the truffle market alludes to ideas of people hunting in the wild for these rare and delectable treats, there is nothing random about our truffles. Climate change has affected prominent truffle areas and we believe we have a green solution through truffle-friendly trees. We have fully invested in the research and development of land especially chosen for its soil and location to cohabit specially chosen truffle-friendly trees. This symbiotic relationship of tree and fungi also contributes to the local environment in Spain.


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Are there any special benefits from investing in The Black Truffle Company?

On the topic of sustainable and environmentally friendly investments, the European Union has placed many environmental incentives to encourage and support sustainable causes. One of the major benefits is that when investing in an EU alternative investment company, such as The Black Truffle Company, you will not have any Capital Gains Tax to worry about.

In the U.S., Capital Gains Tax can be between 15-20%. In non-EU affiliated countries, numbers are similar. For instance, Turkey has a 20% Capital Gains Tax, and in Iceland, it is 18%. You can save a fifth of your profits by investing in alternative investments!

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