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We’re led by a team who constantly challenges to unlock great opportunity around every turn.

Andrew Smith
Andrew SmithCo-Founder & Project Director
Andrew Smith strategically oversees, monitors and manages projects from an executive level. As the most responsible authority over a project, Andrew charged with managing team members and allocated resources. Andrew has experience in organic farming, forestry and three years understanding of truffle production.
Isabelle Fourot
Isabelle FourotCo-Founder & Financial Director
Isabelle Fourot an International Law Doctorate holder with over a 13 years experience in senior corporate financial management. Managing of SME’s for the last ten years. Isabelle poses strong team building and communication skills as well as an understanding of the marketplace. Fluent in French, English, Spanish with a good knowledge of Dutch and Italian.
Jean-Christophe Novelli
Jean-Christophe Novelli Brand Ambassador
Jean Christophe Novelli is a Michelin and 5AA Rosette award-winning French chef, whose attributes include AA Chef’s chef of the Year, European Chef of the Year finalist representing Great Britain, and the prestigious Egon Ronay Dessert of the Year.
Kari Stevison
Kari StevisonHead of Marketing
Kari is a Digital Marketing Specialist and Founder & CEO of Fusion Marketing and Design with offices in Atlanta, Ga, Greenville, SC and Kerala, India. Kari has more than 20 years of marketing experience developing and executing effective marketing solutions and building brands worldwide.
Miguel Angel Lopez Land Development and Research
Extensive knowledge of the land requirement and topography in Spain.
His role is to gain familiarity with land owners as well as local government.
Richard Laycock
Richard LaycockIndependent Auditor
Most experienced advisers in the region with an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish tax and accounting system and Spanish labour laws.
Lucia Garcia
Lucia GarciaHead of Administration and Accounts
Supporting the operations of the organisation, manage the company’s financial affairs, together with long-term financial projections and to ensure that the most efficient and effective financial control systems and reporting mechanisms are in place. liaising with government departments ensuring the “i´s are dotted and the t´s are crossed” Fluent in Spanish and a good working knowledge of English
Christopher Rolston
Christopher RolstonSenior Account Manager
Experienced international sales & business development executive who has a proven track record of sales achievement through new strategy and innovative ideas.
Michael ThomasThe Sales Team
Michael is an experienced investment advisor who leverages specialized market knowledge, superior technology, exclusive data, and industry relationships to help achieve his clients’ objectives.
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